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We ordered the VPS service with SSD Cached disk.  However, we clearly proved that you have no SSD.  Now, even your pure SSD-based VPS services have no SSD.  I doubt your dedicated servers have any disks in them.

We are simply not happy with this scheme where we paid you and quickly realized that you have nothing of value to provide in return for our payment. Generally, providers give us something of value after accepting money and if they cannot, they issue prompt refund.  In this case, we are asking refund because you have no SSD anywhere.  You removed Ticket trail and disconnected your phone.

I understand that you wish you terminate our service as a retaliation and/or you simply do not care.  It simply does not make sense to pay you $500 or more, lose even more money to realize that you don't have SSD or any usable service.  We will initiate a legal dispute to outline this matter because you refuse to give anything of value in return for our payment.  This is an attempt to resolve a dispute to our mutual satisfaction.  Please call me or we will start with Paypal and then escalate the legal dispute because you provide nothing of value for $48.  Thank you

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5289105444: Disk I/O extremely slow

Hi Syed,

While I cannot offer a refund, I can offer you an account credit you can use towards our SSD-based VPS services with a much higher I/O or look towards our dedicated servers. Would this work for you?

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