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SQL IS DONE…go to folder in the first VPS..under sql backups 9-18 folder i ahve created two folders…one for surchy and another for company..sql's are in there

On Wed, Sep 24, 2014 at 5:42 PM, murty GMAIL <[email protected]> wrote:


Here is your access to SSH/SFTP, Webmin, Usermin and PhpMyAdmin for the second VPS (
I removed some of the features from your Webmin interface to make sure that you have simpler interface and that you don't accidentally make mistakes that can seriously damage system (eg Firewall). However, you can still do damage if you are not extremely careful. So, please BE VERY CAREFUL.  Please call and ask me, if you are not sure, before you assume anything.  Once, you get used to it for a couple of days, you will be fine.

SSH/SFTP (FileZilla)
saman  G3kase4478

saman G3kase4478

saman G3kase4478

surchy_manager 6GNjBn3utxb5aLVS

I am going to add additional features such as ability to manage multiple vps servers, virtualmin (for managing multiple customer accounts), awstats and GUI backup (Amanda).  Please remind me about these things.


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